David Johnson

Reading Finding Freedom: Writings from Death Row by Jarvis Jay Masters 📚

Sharing the beach late afternoon with this local visitor who was taking a nap. It’s a turtle…I respectfully kept my distance.

At Maui Ocean Center with my grandson today. It was my first visit there, but not his. I was very impressed and would love to go back and have more time to read about the exhibits.

Now there’s a rainbow…and if you look close there is another one above it.

It’s a warm day. That sun feels good.

I’m grateful to everyone here who has brought Buttondown to my attention. I have signed up for an account, and while I haven’t sent out a newsletter yet, it really does seem to be what I have always looked for…even if unconsciously!

Well some Sundays are relaxing. This one I hoped to be, but it doesn’t feel like it as I look back. Perhaps a movie tonight can round things off a little better?

I love Grant Snyder’s work at Incidental Comics. This one is called New Snow.

Not sure what I will use this for yet, but it is bookmarked - Heck Yes Markdown

Gone are the beautiful, still, sunny days. The weather now seems to be alternating between wind and sun, to wind and torrential rain.

One day this will be a beautiful Plumeria tree, bearing fragrant flowers. For now it is a stump in the ground.Plumeria Tree

I’m looking for and can’t find how long, or what size can a short video be to upload to MB?

I picked this video of a Jackson’s Chameleon from my old Instagram feed. These guy’s are never in a hurry!

I closed my Instagram account last year, and those photos have been lounging on my computer, unsure what to do with them. With the ease that they can be imported in MB using the OSX app, I’ve just started importing them into my account. They live again. 📷

I can always find something to tinker with on my website or micro.blog…not the best situation when I hit a dull patch at work. Temptation….

Reflections on a talk that I attended last night given by Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, botanist & writer - Generosity, Reciprocity and Hope

Just noticing that a number of my photos has disappeared off of my feed. Anyone else?
cc @manton

Cow at sunset yesterday evening at Hookipa.

That feeling as you realize that you are reaching your limit. When you have taken on enough and need to step back, need to call out your boundaries. Where that one more ask, is one too many.

The race is on…

My Wonderful Days - Journaling

My Wonderful Days. I’ve been using this journaling app on iOS since 2011. On OS X almost as long. I don’t use it regularly. Sometimes months go by between uses. But it is there when my hand written journal isn’t at hand, and for that I am very grateful. It syncs between devices, creates a PDF of entries and continues to be updated, including using Markdown now. The apps have served me well, and continue to do so.

Evening shadows.

With Spring Break over, it has become noticeably quieter here. I wouldn’t say that the streets are deserted, but cars and crowds are definitely fewer.

I love a full, freshly stocked fridge.

Although I live in Hawaii, I actually spend very little time at the beach. Today was a welcome exception to that. Restful and warm.